Hello everybody! We are currently developping an Android version of the game,and i can say to you that this version is very advanced !!! I won’t say anything more for now,but wait until the end of the month and big announcements will be made … We’re now working on it on fulltime.Things are getting more and more serious.We ‘re still working on the PC version too. You are a lot to ask us why a mobile version? The answer is simple, we need money… and if the Kickstarter session works wich we really really hope, we will be able to finish the Pc version which remains our main priority. That’s almost all we can say for now, we’re still thinking of how we will handle this project in the more efficient way. Thank you, Max

Let me introduce myself ;)

I want to introduce myself,i’m Max more well known as “Mxsky” and i joined the team months ago now I am in charge of managing and moderation of all the forums and now the facebook page.I have the role of “community manager” !So if you have any questions in one or the other place i’m here.Expect you also now to have regular news on both website and facebook page.

I’ll also be recruiting other people in few months to help me … i’ll inform you when time will come.

Thank you everyone and enjoy !

Current status

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Hey guys, this is for those who wonder why it is so quiet around wsf.

No, we are not dead ;) quite the opposite! I am currently aiming to find more time to focus on wsf again(my job made this hard in the past). Another reason i am not posting much lately is that we are constantly developing new tech that makes it possible to be more productive and also to compete with AAA productions both in visual quality and scale of the project. I rather focus the little time i can free up, on the project than on posting. 

What you have seen so far can only be described to a proof of concept compared what we are up to. We are basically restarting the project from the ground up again, avoiding the mistakes we made on the first run. The tech we are working on is really promising and we can fill a huge environment with life and content in a fraction of the time we needed before(its literally a 1000 times more efficient). Also graphically we can step up a lot and at he same time spend less time for it. This will give us the ability to spend more time on the important aspects of the game. 


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... on a new server, with an improved site (there are still some glitches though, if you find one we haven't spottet yet please tell us), and a new version of WSF...

Unfortunately there is no parachute in the game yet, just a minor update with:

  • Realtime shadows.
  • We hope we got around this very strange bug concerning the missing FREEFLIGHT button. We were able to reproduce the bug and we think we fixed it. Please post in our forums if you run in this issue again and accept our apologies!

Play the latest version of WSF!!!

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Use the FORUM for feedback (usual netiquette ;) and use the right sections, it would be great if you take a look if there is already a thread about what you want to post, its totally ok to post just a +1 if you agree what has been said ;)
Many questions have already been answered, i.e. about the parachute, so just take a look ;)

Thanks for reading this!! I wish you an awesome time with the game and connections to great people here in the community!

Have fun & blue skies!

Thx Paul!

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Paul Radon offered his help on the Wingsuitflyer project, we have contact over skype and he showed me what he has done so far! Very promising! His 3d models are awesome and you guys can look forward to some new obstacles to fly through, over and under ;)

Thank you Paul, keep it up!!!!!!! :)


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