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Welcome Skydivers

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Welcome Skydivers!!!

Awesome, you have found us! We hope you like what you have seen so far and you might know already that we are looking for skydivers, BASE jumpers, Wingsuitpilots, pilots, or people with expirience in other airsports to help to make the game as realistic and entertaining as possible.

You dont need to be a super experienced skydiver with hundreds of jumps to join, we welcome you regardless of your expirience, a single tandem jump would be enough. We have already some very seasoned pros who support the development of the game and are very proud about it. So, why do we need more testers? The answer is easy, we want to build up a community around our game and ensure that there are enough players to get you guys some competition, the hunt for the best lines and highest scores is much more fun when there are many people playing. Also, we guess you guys will have more fun in our forum when there are lots of fellow skydivers around ;)

If you want to join the tests please send an email to:

and mention as subject:
Skydivers Feedback

Some Features!

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Features (ready):

  • find your own dreamlines
  • 100 km² terrain
  • realistic gravity, speed, scale and glide ratios
  • everything works physically
  • semi procedural animation system
  • semi procedural wind sounds
  • intuitive controls (mouse, keyboard, gamepad, touchpad, trackball, joystick)
  • sophisticated camera system
  • easy to learn, hard to master
  • it feels right (sense of speed & thrill)
  • try things nobody would dare in real life

Features (upcoming):

  • realistic canopy flight
  • competetive score system based on proximity
  • hall of fame & hall of pain
  • customizeable suits
  • challenge the lines of other players
  • lots of different gamemodes & challenges
  • rewards
  • upgrade & skillsystem
  • a carreer mode, so you can progress in the game
  • more wingsuit models
  • tracksuits
  • tricks
  • multiplayer
  • much more to come...
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