Some Features!

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Features (ready):

  • find your own dreamlines
  • 100 km² terrain
  • realistic gravity, speed, scale and glide ratios
  • everything works physically
  • semi procedural animation system
  • semi procedural wind sounds
  • intuitive controls (mouse, keyboard, gamepad, touchpad, trackball, joystick)
  • sophisticated camera system
  • easy to learn, hard to master
  • it feels right (sense of speed & thrill)
  • try things nobody would dare in real life

Features (upcoming):

  • realistic canopy flight
  • competetive score system based on proximity
  • hall of fame & hall of pain
  • customizeable suits
  • challenge the lines of other players
  • lots of different gamemodes & challenges
  • rewards
  • upgrade & skillsystem
  • a carreer mode, so you can progress in the game
  • more wingsuit models
  • tracksuits
  • tricks
  • multiplayer
  • much more to come...


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can you tell me when the parachute is ready thats the only thing i really miss in the game 

Haven't looked at the comment section for quite some time... sorry ;)
Multiplayer will take a long time so don't expect it soon, the parachute will come in Alpha 0.10

this game is the best game i have played, but it would be even better if you could have a ragdoll effect when you “bounce” this would make the game even more amazing by a MILE!

I love the concept and the graphics so far but please don’t relax at this as you have the start of what could be a great multiplayer game. Im hoping your opening this up for community development as this game seems ripe for mods and edited maps. Would be great to see a tour of the world in this game as well. Visit different events and places perhaps even a “dont get caught” scenario where you have to break into areas (perhaps a bonus stage) to gain access to different base jumps or model in some of the most famous wing suit areas.


Keep going!



Download link? Any chance to play? I can’t find anything on this site that says anything about downloads, I possibly just haven’t noticed the big “Still in closed alpha” quote. But, if you can, please provide me the DL :D

this game is so cool i cant wait until it is officially released.

how do we change the suit a black one