What? You don’t know wingsuits yet? Where have you been the last decade? Ok, enough teasing, if you really don’t know go to youtube and type “wingsuit” into the search!

I’m sure you know wingsuits and as you can imagine it is easy to cook a fun video game out of it, with the right ingredients. Well yes, it sounds easy because skydiving & BASE wingsuitflying is definitely among the coolest things humans ever came up with! However, bringing that to the computer and still having it only remotely to do with the real thing, is hard. But, i think we got it, the right ingredients and the right balance :-D

So what is the game and how does it work?

It’s free2play browserbased and runs with the unity engine. You fly a wingsuit on a 100km² and 5000m high island, the goal is proximity flying but you are completely free on where you fly and how you fly. The maingoal however, is to fly in proximity to other objects. Mainly to fixed object but there might be some moving/flying objects too ;-) You get points for every second in proximity. How many depends on how close you get. There is also a Multiplier counting up if you stay in proximity. So you have to come up with pretty crazy lines if you want a place in the hall of fame. The hall of fame is a place where your flight gets stored. Others can load the data and compete with your ghost.


How far is the development?

Pretty far we’d say but we intend to go much further, we plan to add a lot of features. We dont see an end of development yet because we think a game like this has so much potential and we want to make use of it!


Some Features!

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Features (ready):

  • find your own dreamlines
  • 100 km² terrain
  • realistic gravity, speed, scale and glide ratios
  • everything works physically
  • semi procedural animation system
  • semi procedural wind sounds
  • intuitive controls (mouse, keyboard, gamepad, touchpad, trackball, joystick)
  • sophisticated camera system
  • easy to learn, hard to master
  • it feels right (sense of speed & thrill)
  • try things nobody would dare in real life

Features (upcoming):

  • realistic canopy flight
  • competetive score system based on proximity
  • hall of fame & hall of pain
  • customizeable suits
  • challenge the lines of other players
  • lots of different gamemodes & challenges
  • rewards
  • upgrade & skillsystem
  • a carreer mode, so you can progress in the game
  • more wingsuit models
  • tracksuits
  • tricks
  • multiplayer
  • much more to come...
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